Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Response to reader

I thank you for your question. I am dedicated on this blog to only put forward the facts with as little opinion as possible. I will, however, answer your question as it is the basis of everything that has happened:

The entire reason Kristin and I had issues had nothing to do with money, intimacy, lust, greed, another woman.

Kristin and I started dating in January of 1994. In April of 1994 we were intimate (I hope my kids don't read this, embarrassing to a Catholic Dad). I know it is no excuse but I fell in love with her very quickly and her boys from her previous 2 marriages. Kristin and I were married in October 1994. My first Daughter Courtney was born 12/5/1994.  My little "doodle" (my pet name for her) is the reason I fell in love with the idea of having so many kids in the first place!

My ex wife's 2nd ex husband, Eric Molitoris, sued for paternity of Courtney 10 years later. We fought him tooth and nail. We scraped together any funds we could and even went into debt fighting him. I "hated" him (don't judge please, God gives you challenges like this for a reason) for even suggestion this beautiful girl who would only sleep on daddy's chest as an infant was his.

We won, however, the judge did not say I was the father only the "known" parent. The DNA tests were thrown out by Kristin's attorney. In October 2006 I contacted the company who conducted the DNA test. Eric was continuing to tell people he was her father and I was determined to stop it once and for all. I did this without Kristin's knowledge. When I got the test results my life was shattered. It showed I was not the father. I died inside. I could not believe that Kristin had slept with Eric while we were engaged and knew (hid) for 12 years that Courtney was not my biological child. Had prevented her biological Dad from knowing she was his. Worst of all was my "Catholic" wife whom I had built the perfect life with had lied to everyone and me! (I love my Courtney, always have, always will!)

When I confronted Kristin, her response was; "So, we have had 8 other children". I lost it, I went into a severe depression. I went to counseling with a priest. Kristin reluctantly went with me 1 time. She even screamed at Monsignor West that she had done nothing wrong. It was then that Msgr. West instructed me on our one on one sessions to move out for 2 weeks and go and live with my Dad. This would give us the space needed so Kristin would take me seriously and actually work on our relationship. Kristin filed for divorce within the 2 weeks. I was suddenly without a home of my own, was prevented from seeing my own kids, and even my own spiritual counselor could not get through to her!

I hope this answers your question.

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