Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi and welcome

I know it has been a long time coming, however, I wanted to have all my ducks in a row. I want to thank Dennis Gac from the National Association of Father's Rights for his assistance.
This blog is brand new and will be for 1 purpose only: To Give the the Truth.

If you have followed the 11 on my own blog, read the book, or listened to the radio/tv this blog is for you. I will give no opinions. My feelings are my own. No music will be playing. Just the facts in the form of actual court records. Although not as colorful as Kristin Bothur's blog, I think you will be surprised to learn the real story.

My intention is to tell you a story. The story of a man fighting hard to have a relationship with his children.

Remember these fact as you read the posts that will follow shortly:
-I LOVE all of my children. Ian, Derek, Courtney, Brandon, Connor, Cassidy, Liam, Trinity, Jordan, and Dominic.
-The real pain of not seeing your kids (or seeing them a few times then having thier mom just not show up for multiple visits) is like losing them over and over again. 
-I never abondoned my family. Once you read the reports you will see I have been fighting ($100,000 in legal fee's so far) tooth and nail just to see my children since 2007.
-All of the false allegations (arrests) were not only dismissed, but the arrests were expounged from my record.
-I am the defendant in court. I never started dating anyone until many months AFTER Kristin filed for divorce.
-I am a Roman Catholic. A scapular wearing (from my daughter Courtney), Rosary Praying, Mass loving Roman Catholic. Did I mention I am a HUGE fan of St. Demontfort. I am a slave of Our Lord in Our Lady. (Sorry folks I will not try to convert you or preach to you).
-I know for a fact our Faith and Our Lord teaches us to love one another. That children are to love and respect BOTH parents. Teaching hate is wrong!!!! Leading others to hate is wrong.
-I am not an English major. Just a human being. You will not be impressed with my skills as a writer.
-I am confident that Kristin will never acknowledge or agree with anything (despite the actual records being used) on this blog.
-Everthing I am posting is available to you from the court in Rockville, CT, Support Enforcement, or at the State Police Barracks under the Freedom of Information Act.
-I will never badmouth or slander any court officer, attorney, or my ex wife. My kids may see this, and I will not do the very thing I am fighting against.

I will not influence your opinions. See the facts and judge for yourselves. Please be patient with me. I work a lot of hours and have no clue on how long it takes to scan and post the 1000's of pages of documents.

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